Laundry Bag Guidance

Before load up your laundry in a bag please remember to:

  • Sort your laundry: Before using the bags, sort your laundry by color and fabric type.
  • Load the bag: Once you have sorted your laundry, load it in your own laundry bag according to its weight
  • Fill the bag correctly: Do not overfill the bag beyond its capacity, this could lead to damage or ineffective cleaning.
  • Seal the bag: Close the bag tightly to prevent any loose items from falling out during transport.

Please use the following measurements as a reference (exact measurements are not necessary), and pack your laundry in your own bags before sending it to us. The bag sizes should be chosen based on whether they can fit within machine load sizes of 5kg, 10kg, or 15kg.

Small Laundry Bag

Height: 50cm
Length: 70cm
Width:  30cm

Fit 5kg Machine

Medium Laundry Bag

Height: 45cm
Width: 25cm

Fit 10kg Machine

Large Laundry Bag

Height: 90cm
Width: 35cm

Fit 15kg Machine

From grime to shine, wash with us every time!